Easter Bunny Hopped Down the Lane

Well Easter was in the middle of April this year. That means the kids got a week break in March for Spring Break and a 4 day weekend in April for Easter and they will have another in May for Memorial Day Weekend. Mom loves Easter time as that’s really the only time she can get regular Brach’s jelly beans. Walmart had a jumbo bag for just $5 this year so we were able to treat her with a bag every two weeks from just after St. Patrick’s Day till Easter Sunday. Sadly, I went to Walmarts near us this past week and they had all the Easter candy and stuff 50% off but those big bags of regular jelly beans for all gone. All they had were the sweet-n-sour kinds and mini jelly bellies. Oh, well I guess she will have to wait until next year and we will have to stock up.

The last couple of years we haven’t had to create Easter baskets as all of my kinds are grown and living on their own now. We did have a lovely family get-together on Sunday afternoon at my grandmother’s house. My oldest daughter did most of cooking and I was able to create a couple of dishes and a dessert. Granny just turned 95 so we are all trying to get over to see her as much as we can these last few years because you just don’t ever know when she will decide she is ready to move on. This year she hurt her back while making her big bed and has had to have someone stay with here all the time. She refuses to go into a nursing home and while there are enough relatives around her we are not going to insist on it. My aunt and uncle who now live in Fernandina Beach stayed with her for the first two weeks, my mom is staying with her the next and then my other aunt will be coming in from Denver to stay 3 weeks. Hopefully, by then she will be able to stay by herself for a little while until my other aunt can come for her visit from Alaska. Family is very important all year long but during the holidays it is even more so.

We are still living and volunteering in a county park in Lake City and Easter Sunday here was very busy. In fact, the past two weeks have been really busy with birthday parties, picnics and the like. I am still picking up plastic Easter eggs all over the park. I don’t really mind picking up bits of candy wrappers or even plastic bags that have floated away from the picnickers. It would be nice though if people would spread those party-popper things with all that small bright colored ribbons everywhere. Hey, celebrate all you want but by golly please pick up ALL of your trash when you are getting ready to leave!

Hope everyone had a great and safe holiday this year. Till next time.

Everybody Is Irish on St Pattys Day

Everybody is Irish on St Patty’s Day. Even though we really are part Irish somewhere along our family lines we are just like all people around the world who celebrate March 17th with green beer, meals of corn beef and cabbage and making sure we wear something green on our person. Don’t want to get pinched now do we? We also have a birthday party for my youngest son who was born on that day in 1992. His sister missed by one day and when they were younger we usually combined their parties. My son happens to love the color green so he usually got a green birthday cake. Now that he has moved all the way across the country we don’t get to do that any more. And he likes more things in black and white or black and pink these days. Just a little goth gamer happening there.
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Dont Ya Just Love Valentines Day

Don’t ya just love Valentine’s Day? Not for all the hearts and flowers or even the notion that this is the one day a year that your honey should give you a special gift. I love it for the chocolate and candies. The next day is even better when all the stores put all the yummy stuff on sale. Those candy hearts with the little sayings on them are pretty great to munch on when you are typing on your computer. True, they are pure sugar but, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day and you should be able to indulge just a bit.
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We Are Stuck With Him Now

We are stuck with him now folks. President Trump has been officially sworn in and is our 45th President. There has been and still continues to be a great hue and cry that he won the electoral vote and not the popular vote. Not that I wanted Hillary Clinton to win either. Mom even sat and watched the entire ceremony on TV from early morning until well into the afternoon. She even watched on election night. There have been lots of postings on Twitter, Facebook and other social media pages about how this will be a terrible thing for our country. Well, I say, get over it already. Until he actually does something so horrendous that the entire country wants to impeach him I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. Remember though that Mike Pence is the Vice President so do you really believe that he would be any better as a president?
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Blowing Steam

campfirecookingI’m just blowing off a little steam with this post so bear with me. Over the last several months I have been trying to improve my website’s performance and just finally had to move everyone over to a new hosting service. Sadly, I had been with this other company for over 5 years and hated that it had to come to this. Well, finally, I have everyone moved over and they are all working like a charm. There are still a few hiccups to smooth over I am sure. But for the most part everything should be clicking along fairly well now.
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