Blowing Steam

campfirecookingI’m just blowing off a little steam with this post so bear with me. Over the last several months I have been trying to improve my website’s performance and just finally had to move everyone over to a new hosting service. Sadly, I had been with this other company for over 5 years and hated that it had to come to this. Well, finally, I have everyone moved over and they are all working like a charm. There are still a few hiccups to smooth over I am sure. But for the most part everything should be clicking along fairly well now.
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December Holidays

ChristmasPoinsettasDecember is filled with lots of family holiday events and opportunities for us to get together with our loved ones. No matter your religious affiliations or beliefs December is built around vacations and family visits, and of course, parties. We hope you are able to take advantage of this time to enjoy your favorite people, the weather, parties, making gifts, giving gifts, cooking, baking and all the fun things that we hope to cram into the next 31 days before the “BIG BANG” and a new year begins. I like to visit a couple of websites at this time of year to check on the “Wacky” holidays and events in the current month and the coming year. One of those is: Continue reading “December Holidays”

Medical Marijuana Debate

VeteransDay1I don’t know what side of the medical marijuana debate you are on but, sadly for some, the amendment to make it legal was defeated this month in Florida. Personally, I haven’t used it since I was a teenager and only then a couple of times. I didn’t care for it but someone close to me uses it and has a prescription for medical marijuana to help with her symptoms from her doctors in California. She is a Vietnam veteran and has several degenerative nerve problems as a result of her service. She doesn’t like to use any of the “hard-core” pain pills that her doctor’s want to prescribe to her and “weed” helps her keep her pain level and symptoms under control. I don’t see anything wrong with it if it helps her but even with a doctor’s prescription she cannot get it anywhere legally here in Florida. She cannot grow it here in Florida even if the new amendment passed. For her sake, and others like her, I hope the amendment will get placed back on the ballot in 2016 with the inclusion of being able to grow your own at home if you are able to. Granted, that doesn’t mean you can grow a whole grove of marijuana but a couple of plants for your personal medical use should be plenty. With the rate my own body is deteriorating I may need to have my own medical marijuana prescription to help me in the future. I really don’t want to move to another state just for that.
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October is the Best Month

HalloweenWitchRanIntoPoleOctober is the best month for me. The weather is changing and getting a little cooler. The leaves are changing and one of my favorite holidays is at the end of the month. I love Halloween. Even though we are traveling around in an old RV and volunteering in some of the most beautiful state parks in Florida we still enjoy some of the events in the parks. We don’t normally have trick-r-treaters in the parks on the day so we don’t get them knocking on our door. This year we are in a day-use park and the gate will be locked at sundown. Plus, it is the last place down a long dirt road with only a couple of houses at the beginning of the road.

It is just fun to see all the kids and adults dressed up in costumes running up and down the road getting candy. Of course dressing up your yard is a lot of fun as well. I don’t like horror movies but do enjoy playing those old black-and-white movies from the 30’s and 50’s. I have always wanted to put up a white sheet in the driveway and play those movies while our visitors come up to the house. Of course, we really need to create a graveyard, have smog machines, ghosts dangling from the limbs and witches riding along zip line. The candy pales in comparison to all that fun. We just never had enough money to rig something like that. What would be your fantasy Halloween decorating ideas? Share them with us in the comments below.
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Rude Awakening About Supposed Dog Lovers

AroundCampground (6)Rude awakening about supposed dog lovers. Earlier this month we saw a young dog on the side of the road just walking back and forth next to the woods. We didn’t think much of it because it was almost time for the kids to get out of school and we were on one of the back-country roads. When we drove by again he was still on the side of the road walking back and forth. He was too far away from any of the houses in the area and it was densely wooded on both sides of the road. Luckily, I keep a small bag of dog food in the car and bottled water for our own dog, just in case. We stopped to car but the dog refused to come near us. He looked a little bit worn but in fairly good shape. He didn’t growl but was very skittish. I dropped some dog food in a plastic cup along with some water and left it for him. After we moved off he came over and ate it but went right back into the woods when we tried to get him to come near again. A little ways down the road there were a couple of locals talking on the side of the road and I stopped to ask them about the dog and if the county had a facility. It turns out the dog has been in this area for a few weeks and, no, the county did not have an animal shelter of any kind. The surrounding counties would not take in any animals from any of the others. There is a “No Kill” shelter about 30 miles away but they are full and could not take any more animals. Continue reading “Rude Awakening About Supposed Dog Lovers”