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AroundCampground (6)Rude awakening about supposed dog lovers. Earlier this month we saw a young dog on the side of the road just walking back and forth next to the woods. We didn’t think much of it because it was almost time for the kids to get out of school and we were on one of the back-country roads. When we drove by again he was still on the side of the road walking back and forth. He was too far away from any of the houses in the area and it was densely wooded on both sides of the road. Luckily, I keep a small bag of dog food in the car and bottled water for our own dog, just in case. We stopped to car but the dog refused to come near us. He looked a little bit worn but in fairly good shape. He didn’t growl but was very skittish. I dropped some dog food in a plastic cup along with some water and left it for him. After we moved off he came over and ate it but went right back into the woods when we tried to get him to come near again. A little ways down the road there were a couple of locals talking on the side of the road and I stopped to ask them about the dog and if the county had a facility. It turns out the dog has been in this area for a few weeks and, no, the county did not have an animal shelter of any kind. The surrounding counties would not take in any animals from any of the others. There is a “No Kill” shelter about 30 miles away but they are full and could not take any more animals.

We asked our local park rangers, where we are volunteering, about it and they said that it is pretty common in the area. Most of these animals will get killed by the wildlife or by passing vehicles. And, during hunting season there will be more dogs being left in the woods by their owners. From what the rangers have experienced the hunters will take the dog’s tags off and leave them if they don’t perform they way they want them to. Now, I ask you, for some people who supposed to love their dogs, who would just bring them to the woods and leave them? I know it has been going on for years but, seriously, there are responsible ways to give up your pets if you no longer can take care of them. Not, the least of which, is give them away to people who will, call around to local shelters, churches, nursing homes, etc.

For my part, I guess I will keep leaving the dog some food and water, keep checking with local shelters and possibly enlist the help of the local sheriff’s office to see what can be done. It is strange that this particular county doesn’t have an animal shelter and by that, I mean, a “No Kill Shelter”, where unwanted pets can be taken and adopted by those that do. I would take him myself but we already have a dog in our RV (see above picture) and there just isn’t enough room for anyone else here. It just sad :-(

Fishing (9)Mad, Bad or Glad? We all have these feelings about hot button issues, the weather, friends, family and co-workers. And on a few occasions we might feel all three of them at once. We can be mad at our sisters for taking our favorite outfit without permission, want to do something bad to her in return and glad that she thought our taste in clothes was appealing enough for her to take the outfit to begin with. The weather can drive you mad with all this heat, want to do something bad like slip into a neighbor’s pool while they are on vacation but also glad when the rain comes and cools everything off. Everyday we face a variety of emotions and we hope that we can deal with them as they come in a rational manner and without our friends and family thinking we have gone around the bend.

What do you do to cope with all these swirling emotions? Do you tuck yourself away in your room until you can sort them out? Or, do you take the out on your unsuspecting loved ones? Do you run away to the beach, go camping or fishing or just go to the local watering hole to drown your sorrows? There are good ways and bad ways to get you through any emotional upset or stressful situation. We hope that if you have an extreme problem you will seek professional help before doing something rash. There are any number of places to get help before you do the unthinkable. Just look in your phone book or online for a local clinic, the county mental health center or even your Pastor or Priest, if you are religious. They may not have the answers you seek but they can be an unbiased listener.

Personally, I like to get away to a deserted beach, shady park or take a walk in the woods to clear my head. Sometimes all I really need is a long, hot shower to ease the stress and tension of the day. Even a cool swim can help your body and mind to relax and unwind. Notice, that most of these solutions don’t involve me spending any money. Well, almost none anyway. I will need gas money and perhaps a small entrance fee to a state park or beach area. Why not pack a lunch, put some frozen drinks in the cooler and head out to your local county, state or national park? If you like to fish and/or camp then grab your fishing and camping gear and go. Get outside and recharge your batteries!

DowntownLibraryLibraries are still a great resource. In my last post we mentioned a couple of great websites as sources for DIY projects. But we will always return to our local library whenever we want to get inspiration for anything we need to do. We have been very lucky as we travel and volunteer at various Florida State Parks in that the local library systems in our area have allowed us access to their materials while we were there. Even the small counties have great libraries with internet access, books, movies and programs that we can have access to.

There is just nothing like going into a library and spending some time browsing through all the material to read, be able to check out a couple of DVDs or just use their wireless internet. You know that most of the Florida State Parks are way out in the woods with little to no cellphone service. So we have had to depend on these places to access emails, do our research, etc. Since, we have very little space in our RV we couldn’t take all of our books with us and we have watched every single DVD we have at least a dozen times since we started traveling. The local libraries have kept us entertained and informed. And now that you can check out eBooks from the libraries we always have a great selection of reading material for FREE!

So the next time you say, “What the Hell, Let’s Do That Project!” we hope you will go to your local library, wherever you are and being your research on how to get it started, ask the librarian questions, or even go to one of their many programs they offer.

So we wanted to give a “Shout Out” to two of the library systems we have been using this past year! Three Rivers Regional Library for Gilchrist, Dixie, Lafayette and Taylor counties and the Suwannee River Regional Library System serving Suwannee, Hamilton and Madison counties.

OurSpotAtFlaCavernsSome of our Favorite DIY (Do-It-Yourself) sites on the internet include information on projects for the home, garden, recreational vehicles, tiny house and even cooking. Yes, cooking is a DIY activity too. You can pay someone to cook for you or you can go to a restaurant and the cooks will create a meal for you. So, we include these websites as well. I am sure you have visited some of these sites in the past and may have even signed on to get their newsletter. We hope you will tell us about some of your favorites in the comments below.

When you are living on a “fixed” income you have to find ways to do a lot of things for yourself. Even though we are traveling around Florida in our old Class A RV, we have very little room for stuff and storage is at a premium so we have to find inventive ways to create extra storage, fix things that are broken and just try to make our little home a little bit more comfortable. So, we scour the internet for “Free” information that is shared on websites, forums and social media pages. Even pictures posted on PINterest can give you ideas how to change something in your living space to make it a little nicer and even cook a great dessert.

Here are a couple of our favorites, so far:

We love their newsletter and website. It is filled with informative information for people who own or want to own a RV including RV repairs, mods, remodeling and much more.

We started getting their newsletter a few months ago when I was looking for ways to build a small house on a trailer. We wanted to create a unique, portable space to hold all our craft items and be able to use it at flea markets, fairs and festivals. Great information on how to do it yourself!

We just started following this website this week. I was searching for new craft ideas and they have quite a few of them with lots of pictures as well as instructions. Beautiful web design and layout. They have a wide variety of different topics not just crafting.

I have been following this website for years. They have a wide range of DIY projects submitted by everyday people with pictures and instructions. If you would like to download any projects in an Acrobat Reader file or eBook format they ask that you pay for a membership. Otherwise you can do print screens of each of the pages if you want copies of the project to take with you to your work area.

There are so many websites our there with tons of information available for “Free”. It is almost better than going to your local library. Share you favorite DIY sites below in the comments.

SolarFreakinRoadwaysFinally A Great Invention that not only saves money, uses no electric, produces more energy than it uses and is created using recycling technology! Solar Roadways are the wave of the future and you only have a couple of days before their IndieGoGo.com campaign comes to an end. As of right now they have exceeded their initial fund-raising goals and we are very happy for them. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t help them out a little more and get on the ground floor of this amazing technology. I watched the video from Facebook and it is pretty awesome. I cannot say enough about this project. It hits all the high points and we wish them luck and look forward to seeing their roadways replace all the asphalt as soon as possible. The campaign has some great prizes for donating you really should check it out.

Please look over their campaign page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/solar-roadways
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EasterHolidayOur April Holiday this year is Easter. Sometimes Easter falls in March for some reason. But we celebrated it in a Florida State Park with my two daughters, one of their boyfriends and one of my granddaughters. We were at Wekiwa Springs State Park and, of course, my granddaughter wanted to go swimming the springs. There were quite a few hardy souls swimming around in the 72 degree water but there was little son and it was a little too cool for her to go in. We had a family dinner at the picnic table and an Easter egg hunt for one afterwards. You know it is not where you celebrate the holidays it is with whom you celebrate them with. We would have liked for my sons and other granddaughter to come as well but money is tight all over and they couldn’t come.

Easter is both a religious and secular holiday and a great time to visit with family and friends, catch on the gossip and find out what everyone has been doing since Christmas. With us traveling all over Florida being volunteers in the State Parks it is hard sometimes to keep up with everyone. Mainly, we call a few once or twice a month, email when we can and go onto Facebook for our family and friends news. When we have good cellphone reception with do a video chat. Modern technology can be a good thing to help you keep in touch. I hope that someday soon more people will have the ability to video chat with friends and family wherever they may be. I can’t help but wonder what is taking so long. So, all you inventors out there get busy improving our technology!

We hope that everyone was able to spend the holiday with their loved ones.

happy-st-patricks-dayWear Green on St Patrick’s Day. Whether you are Irish or not St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday to get your green on! I love the color green in all its various shades. I think we are a little Irish way back in our family tree somewhere and love the thought of everyone wearing some kind of green. I don’t know about the eating green foods or drinking green beer though. I may have to draw the line there. I have been known to drink green Koolaid and eat Green Popsicles, and I love lime in my drinks. I know, I know, the day about celebrating Irish heritage and their are big parades in typically large Irish cities such as Boston and New York. The Irish immigrants to our country contributed a lot and should be remembered.

From St Patrick’s Day on Wiki: “It is primarily celebrated as a recognition of Irish and Irish American culture; celebrations include prominent displays of the color green, eating and drinking, religious observances, and numerous parades. The holiday has been celebrated on the North American continent since the late 18th century.” Now-a-days, it is mostly an excuse to drink and party. Which, I guess, is not all that strange considering that the Irish are best known for the drinking habits. But there has to be more than that to have all those parades all across the country. We hope you will take a little time out to read about the Irish, their many contributions and share those with your children and grandchildren.

Hey, one of my sons was born on St. Patrick’s Day and his sister was born on the next day 10 years previously. Our house has some major celebrating going on around this time of year.

valentines-day-picturesValentine’s Day Boom or Bust? We all have gone through those lonely Valentine’s Days without a date or even someone to remember you on this day. Personally, I say go out and buy yourself something special. If you like chocolate then get yourself a big pile of it to share with your friends and family. Hey, why not have a “RED” party and have everyone come over wearing red outfits, eating chocolate covered strawberries, red velvet cake and recipes with tomatoes and any other vegetable that reds. You can drink red wine or even red Koolaid. Just because you don’t have a special someone doesn’t mean you have to mope at home alone. If you have kids get them involved as well. It may be a day for lovers but that doesn’t mean us single people can’t have a little fun too.

Even if you don’t have any friends or family you can still have a little fun today. Treat yourself to YOUR favorite meal and splurge on a Day-Spa Treatment. The important thing is to have fun! If the weather is nice pack a picnic lunch, bring your favorite book and lounge in a nice park for a few hours. The main thing is to get out. If the weather is bad then, of course, you can always set up a picnic lunch on your living room floor and maybe watch a couple of your favorite movies.

If you know somewhat who is also single, no family and little friends why not invite them along for your picnic. It doesn’t mean you have to feel romantic just two new friends having a good time together.

CharlieBrownNeverGiveUpWhen you read the paper do you read the funnies or the obituaries first? That question has been asked on several occasions and may or may not denote how healthy a person you are. I know that there are lots of people that go directly to the sports pages or just read the headlines. But even those who read their local newspapers online usually do one of these. Personally, I am a funnies person. I like to read my favorite cartoons before I delve into the other areas of the news such as local events, weather and only occasionally read the obituaries, if ever. Who wants to start their day off with the sad news that someone has passed away? Besides, I think I read somewhere that you will live longer if you read the comics more often. Having you day start off with something amusing can help you have a better attitude the rest of your day. “Laughter is the Best Medicine” isn’t it?

I even read all the cartoons and funny stories in the Readers Digest before I read any of the other stories. In fact, I have been known to just read those parts while I am in some waiting room somewhere. I like to read over the funny cartoons that people share on Facebook and send in my email. Yes, some of them can be quite annoying but you just pass over them until you get to the next one you like. I do not recommend reading funnies while you are work, however, because smiling and laughing may give your boss the idea that you enjoy your job and may not have enough to do.

Here are a couple of fun websites to get you chuckling:

http://www.gcfl.net/archive-index.php – Good Clean Funnies List
https://www.cartoonbank.com/ – The New Yorker Bank of Cartoons
http://news.yahoo.com/comics/ – Yahoo News Daily Comics


ViewBackWindowMyakkaMother nature sure is driving me nuts. I can imagine those poor people up north are having a very hard time as well. One minute we are having nice sunny weather and the next day is rainy and cold. Looking out our little window in the RV there is nothing but rain, gloom and cold today. Tomorrow the sun is suppose to shine and we are headed toward temperatures in the 80s. I am just glad that we didn’t get any sleet like they did at home. Of course, my aunts out west have been rained and snowed on for about 2 weeks. Our relatives in Atlanta, Georgia had a hard time getting home yesterday and back to work in the morning because of all the snow they got. Our farmers are worried about their crops and we should be worried about our future food supply. Maybe we should start container gardens in our garages before spring. There is nothing like fresh vegetables and herbs to help expand our dwindling food budget.

That sounds like a real good idea. Save you milk cartons, coke bottles and butter bowls to use as starter pots. Get some seeds from the hardware store and some potting soil, find a sunny spot on your porch or under a florescent light in your garage and see what develops. It should take about 3 to 5 weeks for the seedlings to sprout up and be ready to move into bigger pots. That will give you time to save up some bigger containers to move them into. It would be great if you have a screen-in porch that gets lots of morning light to place your pots in and before you know it you will have fresh vegetables and herbs to add to your meals. Below are a couple of links that I found helpful and if we were at home we just might give it a go. I guess I will have to bug my kids to get started on this right away. I know my grand-daughters would love to do it.

A great article to read:


A Cute Video to Get Started:

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